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Saturday, May 3, 2008


LOST IN A HAREM (1944). Director: Charles Reisner.

Bud and Lou are trapped in a kind of Kismet-like world as they try and help a deposed Prince Ramo (John Conte) get back his throne from his evil uncle Nimativ (Douglass Dumbrille). Marilyn Maxwell is the singer Hazel Moon who has a love/hate thing going with Ramo. Sporadically amusing movie is not one of the better A & C vehicles, although there's a pretty nice dance number by slave girls to the strains of Scheherazade. Somehow Jimmy Dorsey and his band are also stranded in Port Inferno, and Murray Leonard plays a prisoner who does the old vaudeville routine "Slowly I turned ..." (which was later used for an I Love Lucy episode as well). Lou disguises himself as Teema (Lottie Harrison), Nimativ's chubby head wife, at one point.

Verdict: For diehard A & C fans only. **.

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