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Sunday, May 25, 2008


JITTERBUGS (1943). Director: Malcolm St. Clair.

Laurel and Hardy are on the road with their two-man Original Zoot Suit Band when they encounter Chester (Robert Bailey), a fellow who says his gas pill can turn water into gasoline. The three of them run into Susan (Vivian Blaine), whose mother was cheated out of ten thousand dollars by swindlers. Chester decides to use all of his con man experience to get the money back from the swindlers with the "help" of Laurel and Hardy. This amusing movie has Ollie pretending to be a Colonel of the Old South while Laurel is in disguise as Susan's wealthy aunt -- he's a scream as a dowager. Lee Patrick plays a con woman who makes a play for both boys. Blaine sings the snappy number "I gotta see for myself," but her other songs are forgettable.

Verdict: Lots of fun for L&H enthusiasts. ***.

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