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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


GIRLS IN CHAINS (1943). Director: Edgar G. Ulmer.

When Helen Martin (Arline Judge, who sports one of the most hilarious hairdos ever seen!) is ostracized because her sister's husband, Johnny Moon (Allen Byron AKA Addison Randall), is a notorious hoodlum, she winds up trying to help the young women at a girls' correction facility. Unfortunately most of the nasty staff members are in Moon's pocket. You might think that this might lead to some amusing complications, but this bad movie from PRC is simply earnest and dull. Judge is okay, but Robin Raymond has more spice as bad girl Rita. A young Barbara Pepper gives a zesty performance as another inmate. One aged actor plays an obnoxious drunk so well that each appearance is enough to make you cringe.

Verdict: Perhaps well-intentioned, but still junk. *.

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