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Sunday, May 25, 2008


COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE (1970/aka The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire.) Director/writer: Bob Kelljan.

A handsome Bulgarian vampire (Robert Quarry) posing as a psychic insinuates himself into a young group of sunny Californians, turns the women into vampires, and kills the men. The picture isn't terrible, just a bit bland and completely devoid of atmosphere. It doesn't compare favorably to the old Universal classic horror films that, whatever their flaws, were much more entertaining and better made. Quarry isn't bad as the count, and there's one good scare scene at a van parked on his property. Besides Quarry, Michael Murphy is the only recognizable name in the cast. Roger Perry is the doctor who helps track down Count Yorga. NOTE: George Macready is briefly heard as a narrator on the soundtrack. His son, Michael Macready plays Mike in the film. Robert Quarry had an interesting role in the original A Kiss Before Dying.

Verdict: If you want to see a vampire gal munching on her kitty ... **.

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