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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


MORAN OF THE LADY LETTY (1922); Director: George Melford.

"Moran" ( Dorothy Dalton) is the tomboy daughter of a sea captain and Ramon Laredo (Rudolph Valentino) is a rich boy who's tiring of his aimless life of booze and cotillions. When Ramon is shanghaied by a group of pirates led by Kitchell (Walter Long), they come upon Moran's father's boat, where everyone has been killed by coal gas except for her. Naturally Moran and Ramon fall in love. The life of pirates is rather sanitized in this fairly stupid and somewhat boring silent movie. The performances by Dalton, Valentino and Long are excellent and natural, however.

Verdict: Not a particularly convincing nor compelling romance. *1/2.

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