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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


IT STARTED WITH A KISS (1959). Director: George Marshall.

"A girl who refuses to accept presents usually winds up with nothing."

Maggie Putnam (Debbie Reynolds) falls in love with and marries Sgt. Joe Fitzpatrick (Glenn Ford) practically overnight, but finds it hard adjusting to Army life -- and its restrictions, even on wives -- while he's stationed in Madrid. She decides that she and her husband must live together chastely until they really get to know each other. Yeah, right. This contrived and tedious film (of underlying vulgarity) -- scripted by Charles Lederer -- never gets off the ground. There's an attempt to add some spice by getting Reynolds involved with a handsome bullfighter (Gustavo Rojo), but all that really happens is he gets smeared with her lipstick in a wine cellar and the sergeant goes mildly berserk. Eva Gabor, Fred Clark and others are trapped in this essentially unfunny misfire. Rojo appeared mostly in Spanish productions but was also in Valley of Gwangi in 1969.

Verdict: Nothing you can't miss. *1/2.

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