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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


SOUND OF HORROR (El Sonido prehistorico/1964). Director: José Antonio Nieves Conde.

Professor Andre (Arturo Fernandez) heads a motley group of people who are looking for a treasure from the sacking of Athens that's hopefully buried in a remote cave in the countryside outside the Greek city. Unfortunately, they discover that the treasure is apparently guarded by a small but deadly dinosaur (probably a velociraptor, although never referred to as such, years before Jurassic Park) that has a chameleon-like ability to disappear into its surroundings, rendering it effectively invisible. Like a nifty fifties-style B picture, this little-known Spanish horror film is suspenseful, creepy, and fast-paced; a highly effective little sleeper. The jangling sound FX cooked up for the creature are unnerving, and Luis De Pablo's score adds to the atmosphere. Ingrid Pitt plays a very different role from her Countess Dracula and Carmilla in The Vampire Lovers; this was her first movie.

Verdict: Dig in and enjoy! ***.

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