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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


THE LAW OF THE TROPICS (1941). Director: Ray Enright.
Jim Conwoy (Jeffrey Lynn, pictured) works for a rubber company in the Amazon and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the woman he's to marry. When she changes her mind and never arrives, he winds up married to woman-on-the-run Joan Madison (Constance Bennett), an entertainer in a nightclub, who accompanies him back to his stomping grounds and pretends to be the original fiancee. But a lawman is poking around asking questions... Lynn and Bennett make a good team and give good performances in a very entertaining light romance and drama which has some mild suspense to it as well. Regis Toomey is a married co-worker's of Lynn's, and Craig Stevens plays the boss' obnoxious son. Paul Harvey is the equally obnoxious father, who finds he's no match for Bennett.
Verdict: Minor but snappy. ***.


Laura said...

I taped this a few days ago as I thought it looked like fun. Glad to read a positive "preview" of it!

Best wishes,

William said...

Yeah, I thought it was fun. Hope you enjoy it. Best, Bill