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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


KATHARINE HEPBURN: The Untold Story. James Robert Parish. Advocate Books.
This is a highly compelling and frank biography of the late actress which, in addition to her life as a screen star, focuses on her relationships with several women over the years, as well as on her one marriage and her relationships with such men as Howard Hughes and Spencer Tracy. From a combination of facts and intelligent and educated speculation the book posits the fascinating and undoubtedly accurate theory that Hepburn and Tracy, far from being a great romantic love story, were in truth good and loving platonic friends who, in essence, used each other as beards to hide their true sexuality. In the 21st century it is a pleasure to read books that cut through the Hollywood press agent crap and recognize the reality about gays and lesbians in Hollywood. In a compulsory readable fashion, Parish examines the contrary and contradictory nature of the Great Hepburn, as well as the high and low points of her career. Zealously guarding her privacy and personal life for many decades, Hepburn is a tough nut to crack, but Parish manages to do just that.
Verdict: An excellent and very entertaining bio. ***1/2.

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