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Thursday, February 18, 2010


SUPERSTITION (1982). Director: James W. Roberson.

A priest (James Houghton) becomes involved with a haunted house where a witch in the guise of a little girl is murdering off anyone who dares to come into the place. There's lots of action in the picture, but most of it is to little effect. There are, however, some modestly creative gore scenes. We've got the head-in-the-microwave business [see photo], and a very inventive business when a flying saw bloodily spritzes its way through the body of another priest. Despite all the gruesomeness, the movie is kind of boring. Houghton isn't much of an actor, although this led into a brief role on Knot's Landing. Albert Salmi is more on the mark as the police inspector on the case.

Verdict: Be careful what you put in the microwave. **.

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