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Thursday, February 4, 2010


7 WOMEN, 1 HOMOSEXUAL AND CARLOS [AKA 7 mujeres, 1 Homosexual y Carolos/2004). Writer/director: Rene Bueno.

Carlos (Mauricio Ochmann) loves his fiancee Camila (Adriana Fonseca) but his friends and co-workers keep telling him that every man has a right to be unfaithful. More than one person tells him that every man has a right to "seven women and one homosexual" -- whatever the hell that means [but it comes off as quite condescending and homophobic, not to mention moronic. Would the "macho" guys in this movie really want to have sex with another guy?] Despite the title and the ads, this is not a racy sex comedy, but a pretty dull, routine and conventional comedy about a guy who loves one woman but whose peers try to pressure him into being unfaithful. Who cares? As his girlfriend is beautiful the whole thing doesn't make any sense anyway. From Mexico.

Verdict: This is considered one of the better movies to come out of Mexico, which means they've really got a problem. *.

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