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Thursday, February 25, 2010


DELIBERATE INTENT (200). Director: Andy Wolk. Based on a book by Ron Smolla.

A man hires a hitman to murder his wife and paraplegic son so he can get a two million dollar insurance pay-off. The hired killer uses a book called "Hitman" to learn how to commit the crimes. Professor Rod Smolla (Timothy Hutton) and lawyer Howard Siegel (Ron Rifkin) -- after much arguing and debate amongst themselves -- decide to sue Palladin Press, the firm that published "Hitman," claiming that their book led, in part, to the deaths of this horrible man's innocent family. In the resulting trial first amendment rights are intoned, and there are discussions as to whether the book was ficion or non-fiction. This is a thought-provoking telefilm, based on a real case, with top-notch performances from Hutton and the ever-reliable Rifkin. Kenneth Welsh is also on target as publisher Peder [sic] Lund.

Verdict: Agree or disagree, this is fascinating stuff. ***.

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