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Thursday, February 11, 2010


THE PRICE OF A BROKEN HEART (1999 telefilm). Director: Paul Shapiro.

When Dot Hutlemeyer (Park Overall) discovers that her husband Joe (Timothy Carhart) is having an affair with his secretary, Lynn (Laura Innes), whom he's fallen in love with, she sues Lynn for alienation of affections. This is based on a real case in North Carolina. The deck seems to be a little bit stacked against the mistress, although the wife doesn't come off as completely sympathetic -- or realistic -- either. The verdict in the case is surprising to say the least. While the story is told in flashbacks, various men and women comment on the proceedings in a bar-restaurant. Interesting, thought-provoking and absorbing movie is well-acted by all.

Verdict: Some people just can't let go. ***.

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