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Thursday, February 4, 2010


BRIDES ARE LIKE THAT (1936). Director: William C. McGann.

Bill (Ross Alexander) is an irresponsible and irrepressible young man who charges everything to his angry uncle (Joseph Cawthorn) and wants pretty Hazel (Anita Louise) to marry him. Unfortunately, she's already accepted the proposal of the much more practical if duller Dr. Jenkins (Dick Purcell, who much later played Captain America in the cliffhanger serial). Can Bill win Hazel away from Jenkins, and will he ever find a job? While the premise wasn't exactly original back in 1936, this is a fast-paced and amusing picture with solid acting from virtually everyone in the cast -- all of whom are funny. Ross Alexander makes a very appealing and likable hero. Kathleen and Gene Lockhart are great as Hazel's parents and even Purcell makes an impression. Mary Treen has more lines as usual and is swell as a disapproving friend of Hazel's family.

Verdict: Quick and snappy. **1/2.

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