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Thursday, February 4, 2010


LONG LOST SON (2006 telefilm). Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Kristen (Gabrielle Anwar) is warned by the husband (Craig Sheffer) she's divorcing that he won't be separated from his son no matter what, but it all seems academic when he and the boy are drowned at sea. Then fourteen years later she sees her husband in a video with a young man at his side. With her new husband's approval she takes off for the island where they are located, and contrives to get to know the young man who is her grown-up son. This movie and its star are both so low-key that the film never works up any tension, suspense, drama, or even poignancy. It's a question if Anwar is taking underplaying to a new level or is just a lousy, inexpressive actress. Chace Crawford [who is now on Gossip Girl] is appealing as the son, and Craig Sheffer does what he can in a thankless role as the runaway husband. But the movie is directed to have as little impact as possible and you suspect Anwar just wanted to find a nice little corner where she could go to sleep.

Verdict: This may put you to sleep as well. **.

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