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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Audrey Long and Warren Douglas
HOMICIDE FOR THREE (1948). Director: George Blair.

Lt. Peter Duluth (Warren Douglas) and his wife Iris (Audrey Long) haven't seen each other in a year and have yet to have a honeymoon. Unfortunately, after they check into a hotel hoping for a night of bliss, they are constantly interrupted by a series of strangers -- and murder. Based on a novel by Patrick Quentin, this has a fairly engaging plot concerning a series of slayings, some of which Peter tries to prevent without success. Long [Desperate] and Douglas are attractive and charming, and Lloyd Corrigan makes an impression as the mostly inebriated Emmanuel Catt. A Great Dane who shows up late in the film nearly steals the picture. Strange Awakening was also based on a Patrick Quentin "Peter and Iris Duluth Mystery," although the hero in that film was rechristened Peter Chance. Douglas had a small supporting role in Cry Vengeance, and amassed 63 credits; Long did about half as many films.

Verdict: Amiable minor mystery with some suspense. ***.

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