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Thursday, May 26, 2016


I'm now a member of LAMB, the Large Association of Movie Blogs, but there was a peculiar reaction a few months ago when I tried to join the CMBA -- the Classic Movie Blog Association. This is run by a woman I never heard of, one Marsha Collock -- apparently she contributed an article to a 99 cent kindle book related to the CMBA -- who told me that the other members would be voting on my suitability, and my inclusion would depend upon their votes. Now exactly when did this vote take place? Get this -- over 4th of July  weekend! Yeah, instead of having barbecues or going to the beach, all of the CMBA members stayed at their computers to take a look at my blog. According to this gal, I didn't make the cut, the opinion being that I didn't cover enough old movies! [Generally out of seven movies per week, I run one review of a new or more recent (less than 25-years-old) picture.] Has anybody ever heard of, like, archives? But who could expect the members of the group to bother going through the archives on a holiday weekend (do people go through archives anyway, when instant immediacy seems to be the order of the day on the Internet?) Collock says that no one is ever blackballed, but it sure as hell seems that way to me! It is also true that this was just after I'd posted reviews of several LGBT movies for Gay Pride week ... Are Collock and her colleagues arch-conservatives? Who knows?

I looked over some of the other blogs in the CMBA and I seem to be one of the very few actual professional authors in the bunch. Let me make it clear that there are some beautifully written movie blogs out there that may not be the work of professional writers, but this still seems odd to me. Because I write about movies professionally does this make me less of a classic movie enthusiast?

There doesn't seem to be that much value to joining this group in any case.


Neil A Russell said...

Sound like a bunch of garden variety assholes to me, but what do I know?
I tend to fall into the conservative column on most issues but usually the ones that affect personal liberty and my take home pay.
I've always rankled at the so called types that feel the need to stick their pointy noses into everyone's personal business.
There are times when I feel that these kinds of folk miss out on the richness of life by backing themselves into their little stereotypical snail shells and being concerned with pettiness, but then I get realistic and think; "screw them".
If I see talent I'll tag along for the long haul because there's always something interesting to learn along the way. I wouldn't know about half of the Hollywood related books you've recommended without this blog as a resource, not to mention the entertainment in your reviews and your other writings.
Superficial people like these delicate flowers at the CMBA (sounds like a medical condition) would never get the wit and entertainment anyway (see "screw them" above).
If I consider someone to be a friend as I do you, I wouldn't give a flying hooie about what opinions you carry around, just makes for interesting dinner conversation. But then I'm kind of hard to piss off, unless it's by some arrogant yoyo little group as being described here.
I wouldn't be surprised that you have more readers than they do anyway, and your stuff is more interesting so...well I said "screw them" already didn't I?

William said...

Thank you, Neil! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support, your kind words, and your always interesting and intelligent comments -- thank you so much! As usual, you make some excellent points. I don't even know if the CMBA could even be considered a "real" group or just a couple of people who decide who gets approval and who doesn't.

Thanks again, friend!