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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Karl Urban in a tense moment
AND SOON THE DARKNESS (2010). Director: Marcos Efron.

"You think a 'relationship' is when you get the guy's last name."

In this remake of 1970's And Soon the Darkness, two young American women go on a bicycle trip through Argentina and encounter death and danger. Blond Stephanie (Amber Heard) and brunette Ellie (Odette Annabel) run into the wrong people when they go to a bar and the latter encourages the interest of a sleek would-be lover boy. They are rescued by Michael (Karl Urban of The Loft), who claims that he is searching for his missing girlfriend, but whose behavior can be considered odd. When Ellie disappears from an isolated spot where she wants to sunbathe, Stephanie desperately contacts a strangely disinterested police officer, Calvo (Cesar Vianco). And Soon the Darkness goes in its own direction from the original film, has some interesting twists, and basically changes into a chase film for the final quarter. The performances are good, with Heard and Vianco being especially notable. Pretty theme music.

Verdict: So-so remake of superior British thriller. **1/2.

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