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Thursday, May 19, 2016


SUSAN HAYWARD (1917 - 1975).

This week we look at some of the films of Susan Hayward, as well as a biography and a career study. Hayward was always one of my favorite actresses because she was snappy, vital, strong, and charismatic -- no simpering or whimpering from her (except when it was absolutely called for). She came on like she didn't take any crap from anyone, and apparently that's just the way she was in real life. Hayward started out as a glamour queen, then won plaudits for her work, becoming an Oscar-winning actress [I Want to Live!]. She could be indifferent or disinterested in some mediocre projects, but when she was really in tune with a role her performances sizzled. She graced great and good films, and generally was the best thing in such terrible movies as Valley of the Dolls. Hayward had that certain something extra right from the start as exhibited in early movies like Change of Heart. She later gave very strong and even outstanding performances in Smash Up, I'll Cry Tomorrow, Deadline at Dawn, and many, many others. She died much too soon at age 57.


angelman66 said...

Hi Bill - Hayward truly was one the great stars, and she did every genre of film imaginable, from historical drama to comedy to western and even a few musicals. My favorite Hayward performances are I'll Cry Tomorrow (in which she did her own singing), and even though it is a real soap opera, Back Street...
Now you have given me some more to look for!

William said...

Hayward certainly had that indefinable something that makes a star, and she was right to pursue her dreams until she made it to the top.