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Thursday, May 5, 2016


AL PACINO IN FILMS AND ON STAGE is your humble blog-owner's new tome on Al Pacino. This book from McFarland has been greatly expanded, revised, and updated, with twenty more years of Pacino's life, loves, movies, directorial assignments, and stage appearances.

One of our most passionate and gifted actors, Al Pacino has been riveting audiences for decades with performances in everything from The Godfather to Angels in America to Danny Collins. He has also appeared on the stage, tackling such difficult roles as Richard III, King Herod and Shylock, along with parts in contemporary dramas like Glengarry Glen Ross. Pacino has also directed two documentaries and two feature films.

Aspects of Pacino’s private life and film choices can be controversial. Often accused of a lack of subtlety or of “chewing the scenery,” his mesmeric intensity galvanizes fans and divides critics, as do his Shakespearean interpretations. In its second edition, this book critically reevaluates his many onscreen and onstage roles. Pacino is an actor who cannot be ignored.

Verdict: If you like Pacino, Buy this book!


angelman66 said...

Can't wait to read this one, Bill. I'm a big Pacino fan. Tne Godfather (all three!), Dog Day Afternoon - he is brilliant in those. But my two favorite Pacino performances are his over the top portrayals in Angels in America and The Devils Advocate. Pacino is a fearless actor and always goes for it, pulls no punches, and he is eminently watchable.
Looking forward to reading your book!

William said...

Thank you! I am obviously a big Pacino admirer and while working on this book was surprised at the many critics who just don't "get" him -- they see him as always chewing the scenery and over-acting when to me [in his best work] he's simply giving highly passionate performances. To each his own. My own opinions of his movies are often controversial, but while he may be miscast, I have never seen him really bad. Rex Reed is especially vicious toward Pacino and even makes fun of his appearance, when Reed is even older than Pacino, LOL!