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Thursday, June 9, 2011



Temporarily fired due to some allegedly scandalous behavior at a private party [and reinstated largely due to the efforts of Raymond Burr], William Talman is missing from the first half of this season [after the initial episode]. The opening was changed to show photos of the actors, with the exception of Talman. Subsequently, Perry faced a variety of substitute prosecutors, including Kenneth Tobey [who is quite good]. Highlights of this season include: "Credulous Quarry" about an alleged hit and run, with Katherine Squire; "The Clumsy Clown," with Robert Clarke and Ken Curtis both turning in fine performances; "Nine Dolls" with Jeannette Nolan; "Fickle Fortune," in which Talman/Hamilton Burger finally returns and Helen Brown gives an especially impressive performance; and "Grumbling Grandfather," with Otto Kruger. [The defendant in this episode was played by Karl Held, who would return as the same character on a recurring basis during the following season.] And there were quite a few other memorable episodes. Guest stars during this season include everyone from Robert Redford ["Treacherous Toupee"] to Louise Fletcher ["Larcenous Lady"] to James Coburn ["Envious Editor"] -- on one end of the Hollywood spectrum -- to Carol Ohmart ["Angry Dead Man"], Laurie Mitchell ["Waylaid Wolf"] and Paula Raymond ["Torrid Tapestry"] on the other.

Verdict: Still one of the best TV shows ever. ***.

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