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Thursday, June 9, 2011


KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE (1966). Director: Henry Levin.

A CIA operative known only as Kelly (Mike Connors) is in Rio tracking down the activities of a man named Ardonian (Raf Vallone), who has many girlfriends -- and kills any of them who dare to take on other lovers. But this ultimate Male Chauvinist Pig has another nefarious plan in mind. Working with the Red Chinese, Ardonian has developed a formula which will remove the sex drive from all human beings, eventually wiping out the U.S. population in a generation or so without bloodshed. [Ardonian doesn't seem to reckon with the ingenuity of human beings.] With the help of Susan, a British spy (Dorothy Provine), and her gifted chauffeur (Terry-Thomas), Kelly sets out to stop Ardonian and his allies. With attractive Brazil locations and some exciting scenes, and good performances from the leads (especially Vallone, who strikes just the right note), Kiss the Girls is basically good-natured but a little bit too silly for its own good. Poor Provine is clothed in one hideous fashion "creation" after another. But the movie is fun for the most part.

Verdict: One of the better James Bond imitations if not without its flaws. **1/2.

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