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Thursday, June 2, 2011


THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958). Director: Alex Nicol.

"Free burial expenses for anyone who dies of fright." -- ad campaign for film.

Eric Whitlock (John Hudson, older brother of Bill Hudson), and his new bride Jenni (Peggy Webber), arrive home at the family mansion where Whitlock's first wife died. Bad idea -- apparently Whitlock has never seen any horror movies. Jennie meets her husband's friends, the Reverend and Mrs. Snow (Russ Conway and Mrs. Johnson), as well as the simple-minded handyman Mickey (played by director Alex Nicol). Jenni's parents drowned, and supposedly so did the first Mrs. Whitlock. Before long poor Jenni is having visions of tumbling skulls in the night. The movie holds the attention, but it isn't long before it becomes clear that the best thing about it is the title.

Verdict: The skull may scream but you won't. **. 

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