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Thursday, June 2, 2011


HENRY AND DIZZY (1942). Director: Hugh Bennett.

"I guess I'm just a misfit."

Henry Aldrich (Jimmy Lydon) wrecks a boat that he borrowed when the store owner stepped away, and is told he either has to pay for a new boat or go to jail. In a hilarious sequence Henry and his pal Dizzy (Charles Smith) "clean" -- or rather destroy -- a house that belongs to principle Bradley (Vaughan Glaser; Maude Eburne is fun as his horrified wife). Trevor Bardette and Carl "Alfafa" Switzer play a father and son who compete in a contest with Henry and Mr. Aldrich (John Litel), and Dizzy and his dad (Olin Howlin). Noel Neill of Superman fame appears briefly as a girl that Henry tries to impress with his [lack of] boating skills. Mary Anderson seems a little too old and sex-sophisticated -- not to mention too tall -- to be teenager Henry's girlfriend, but Henry doesn't seem to mind. Litel and the other cast members are great, and Lydon is a very charming performer. This is his second appearance as Henry after Henry Aldrich for President.

Verdict: Another cute picture. ***

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