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Thursday, June 16, 2011


CORRIDORS OF BLOOD (1958). Director: Robert Day.

"Operations without pain are possible and I won't rest until I prove it to you."

In 1840 London Dr. Thomas Bolton (Boris Karloff) is determined to develop an anesthesia to use in operations. Unfortunately, the well-meaning doctor inhales too many fumes during experiments and becomes addicted, and in order to carry on his work allies himself with two Burke and Hare types (Francis De Wolff; Christopher Lee) who supply fresh corpses for him. While the film doesn't quite live up to its title -- this is one case where a more lurid approach would have been welcome -- it's entertaining and Karloff is fine. It's Karloff versus Christopher Lee at the climax! Effective score by Buxton Orr.

Verdict: Not bloody enough, perhaps, but not bad at all. **1/2. 

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