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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Cover: Kealan Patrick Burke
THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT. William Schoell. Cemetery Dance.

This, my first published book, was given the generic title of Spawn of Hell by the publisher at the time. Things that Go Bump in the Night was the original title of the book, and we've gone back to that title for the brand new epub edition from Cemetery Dance.

Things was one of the first novels to deal with the subject of recombinant DNA technology, the making of hybrid creatures by splicing together DNA strands from different lifeforms. In this story a struggling artist and a fashion model encounter these strange and terrifying monsters when the couple go to find out what happened to the model's brother, who is found dead and half-eaten. The pair try desperately to stop an attack by these monstrosities -- some of whom have the faces of townspeople -- on the residents of a helpless community.  Imagine being eaten by someone with the face of a person you love, but whose body is incredibly grotesque ... A fun book!

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