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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Cover by Kealan Patrick Burke
Shameless promotion!

I'm happy to announce that the prestigious Cemetery Dance publishers is releasing spanking new epub editions of several of my horror-suspense novels. These books are available on kindle and elsewhere.

The Dragon has to do with very strange goings on at an archaeological dig in New Mexico. There are pregnant workmen, huge slugs crawling across the desert, the ruins of an ancient city inside a mesa, and, of course, the title creature who causes a lot of havoc. Bizarre stuff indeed, and many readers thought it was a lot of fun; hopefully new readers will agree. Kealan Patrick Burke did the great covers for the books.

Shivers and Things That Go Bump in the Night are also currently available. More on them in the near-future, as well as on additional titles from Cemetery Dance.

The Dragon is available at amazon and elsewhere.

Yes, it would make a great movie!


angelman66 said...

Awesome, Bill, congrats and love it k out, Dan Brown...The Dragon looks like great metaphysical fun!
- Chris

William said...

Definitely! Thank you!