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Thursday, October 20, 2016


SHIVERS. William Schoell. Cemetery Dance.

Forgive another shameless plug, but here is another of my classic horror novels in epub format for the first time. The publisher is Cemetery Dance, and the cover was designed by Kealan Patrick Burke.

In Shivers, Steven Everson goes on a search for his missing brother, Joey, and discovers that many, many more people have gone missing in Manhattan than usual. A detective, a lonely alcoholic woman, a scientist, an older woman who claimed she was Joey's lover, and several others are embroiled in a horrific plot that leads to the frightening deaths of several of these individuals, who seem to be controlled by a powerful force no one can see and whose origin is unknown. Steven's investigation leads him down to hidden vaults beneath the New York City subways, where he uncovers the terrifying truth.

Shivers is available for Amazon kindle and other ebook readers and applications.

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