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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Charles Drake, Albert Dekker, Catherine Craig
THE PRETENDER (1947). Director: W. Lee Wilder.

Kenneth Holden (Albert Dekker) has been steadily "borrowing" funds from a trust set up for his client, Claire Worthington (Catherine Craig). It seems the only way Kenneth can save himself from disaster and criminal prosecution is by marrying Claire. Unfortunately, Kenneth has a rival in Dr. Leonard Koster (Charles Drake), so he decides to hire an unknown hit man to kill him. But when the rather selfish Claire agrees to marry Ken, it occurs to him that now he will be the target of the hired killer. What to do? ... Dekker  [Destination Murder] and Craig [Doomed to Die]  give good lead performances in this, and there are a host of flavorful character actors, such as Charles Middleton as the butler, William. Serial heroine Linda Stirling [The Tiger Woman] appears as Flo. The photography by John Alton is a plus.

Verdict: Fair to middling crime drama. **1/2.

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