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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Olga Edwardes, Ronald Howard
BLACK ORCHID (1953). Director: Charles Saunders.

Dr. John Winnington (Ronald Howard) has a terrible marriage to the attractive Sophie (Mary Laura Wood). Sophie's sister, Christine (Olga Edwardes), has always had a thing for her brother-in-law, and it turns out that those feelings are returned. Unfortunately John learns that even if he and Sophie are divorced, there is some obscure law that states that a man can't marry his (former) sister-in-law while the wife is alive. Naturally Sophie comes to a bad end ... Black Orchid is like the British equivalent of an especially cheap Republic second feature. A writer friend named Eric Blair is played by John Bentley, while Sheila Burrell [Paranoiac] enacts the role of the maid, Annette. Black Orchid has a running time of less than an hour, but the average episode of Perry Mason is much more entertaining. The whole thing is like a TV production in any case. The actors in this are especially obscure. Charles Saunders also directed Womaneater.

Verdict: Forgettable. **.

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