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Thursday, April 21, 2016


CARRY ON CRUISING (1962). Director: Gerald Thomas.

Captain Wellington Crowther (Sidney James of Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?)) of the Happy Wanderer cruise ship discovers that most of his crew have been replaced and are fairly incompetent. Since Crowther is hoping to gain the command of an ocean liner, he is none too happy with the situations he finds himself in. Other crew members include the snooty first officer (Kenneth Williams); the bartender, Sam (Jimmy Thompson); the cook, Wilfred (Lance Percival); the shy Dr. Binn (Kenneth Connor) and the steward, Tom (Cyril Chamberlain). The passengers include Flo (Dilys Laye) and Gladys (Liz Fraser), two young women with an eye out for eligible bachelors, and the delightful old lady, Mrs. Madderley (Esma Cannon). While Carry on Cruising is a minor picture, it does boast an excellent cast of fine comic actors, and has some very amusing sequences.

Verdict: As "Carry On" movies go, this isn't too bad. **1/2.

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