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Thursday, January 31, 2013


ONE GIRL'S CONFESSION (1953). Writer/producer/director: Hugo Haas.

Waitress Mary Adams (Cleo Moore) steals money from her guardian-employer, whom she feels cheated her late father, confesses the crime [without giving up where the money is] and goes to jail. When she gets out she gets another job as a waitress, this time working for Mr. Damitrof (Hugo Haas). When the latter gets into serious financial trouble, she tells him where the stolen loot is, leading to some very ironic complications. This is one of seven films Haas directed that starred Cleo Moore, who was not his wife but was obviously one of his favorite co-stars. Moore is okay, but let's just say she's no Barbara Stanwyck and leave it at that. Haas proves to be a better actor than he was a writer or director, although this picture is at least unpredictable and entertaining. Glenn Langan [The Amazing Colossal Man] plays a fisherman Mary dallies with, and Mari Lea is snappy as Damitrof's girlfriend "Smooch."

Verdict:  Perfectly okay B movie melodrama. **1/2.


Neil A Russell said...

Once again one of your posts has caused a long dormant synapse to fire in my noggin.

I recall a movie I saw when I was a kid that in retrospect was one of these low-buck melodramas and now it's bugging me as to what the movie was.

The premise was (as much as I can remember) about a young woman who gets raped, falls into a life of disrepute, and befriends a drunk fellow who lets her live in his crummy little apartment.

As the story progresses, the drunk fellow (with a sober heart of gold of course) gets particularly drunk and tries his luck with the girl.

She gives him a swift kick in the head and apparently puts out one of his eyes.

Being blind drunk (no pun) he awakes with no memory of his attempted assault and for the rest of the film wears an eye patch.

Eventually the two discover the errors of their ways and end up married.

At least that's what I took away from it when I was about 12.

If that rings any sort of bell I'd be eternally grateful to find out the title.

As always, I enjoy the reviews,

It certainly sounded like one of these Hugo Haas films

William said...

Are you certain this isn't the 1961 "Something Wild" with Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker? It was a low-budget black and white film. I haven't seen it in decades but the plot sounds very similar. Sort of a Hugo Haas movie with better-known actors!

Aas always, thanks for the comments and the kind words! Best, Bill

Neil A Russell said...

That's it!
I looked on Youtube and someone had posted the thing and it took just a few seconds to bring it all back.
I never would have found that one out without your help Bill, for that matter I probably never would have thought about that movie again if it hadn't been for the posting about "One Girl's Confession".

Thanks much for filling in that plot hole in my memory!


William said...

My pleasure. I think I'll check it out on youtube myself asap. Best, Bill