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Thursday, January 10, 2013


NIGHT TIME IN NEVADA (1948). Director: William Witney.

Farrell (Grant Withers) doesn't want to share the booty with his mining partner Andrews (James Nolan), so he murders him and hides his body. Many years later Andrews' daughter, Joan (Adele Mara), shows up hoping to get her hands on some of the money in her father's trust fund -- of course there isn't any. Sheriff Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers, of course) suspects that Farrell is a bad 'un, and his suspicions prove correct when he and his hench men try to rustle some cattle off a train, leading to an exciting climax with Roy and Farrell having a battle on a speeding truck. If this sequence reminds you of a cliffhanger serial, it's because the movie was directed by serial specialist William Witney. Aside from the climax and Withers' good performance as the nasty, murderous Farrell, Night Time has little to recommend it. Rogers made over one hundred similar features in addition to his TV show. Andy Devine [A Star is Born/1937] and Trigger the horse [who had a notable part in Son of Paleface, along with Rogers] are Rogers' co-stars and they are both about as usual. Adele Mara later wound up in Curse of the Faceless Man.

Verdict: A good-looking hero never hurts. **.

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