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Thursday, January 3, 2013


DON'T DARE MISS THE NEXT THRILLING CHAPTER.-Anthony L. Fletcher. Undercliff/Mill City Press; 2009.

Fletcher's enthusiasm for the cliffhanger serial comes through in this book that looks at many serials of different genres -- science fiction, costumed heroes, jungle action and the like -- rating movies from two to five stars. Fletcher is knowledgeable about these movie serials, and this book would be a good bet for newcomers to the genre who are looking for some recommendations; it has less value for the more "seasoned" cliffhanger enthusiast. Fletcher gives all of the best serials, such as The Adventures of Captain Marvel their due, but be forewarned that some of his five star choices are a little  bizarre [I'm still scratching my head as to what he sees in the stinker Hawk of the Wilderness -- but to each his own!] Nevertheless, this is a good introduction to the genre, and Fletcher's prose is not bad. The book is an somewhat unwieldy over-sized trade paperback, which would make sense if it was illustrated, but the only photos are on the front and back cover. [Apparently this is self-published.]

Verdict: Good for fans seeking to learn more about the great and not-so-great cliffhanger serials. ***.

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