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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Malachi Throne & Robert Wagner
MAGNIFICENT THIEF 1968 telefilm.

Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner), one of the world's best thieves, is given a pardon if he agrees to work for government agency SIA under the supervision of one Noah Bain (Malachi Throne). As Bain puts it, "we're not asking you to spy; we're asking you to steal." Naturally Mundy is put up in a mansion with three beautiful women, including Senta Burger, as his assistants. After that he is sent out on a mission and seems to go rogue to complete it. In any case, the soundtrack is loud [although the theme music is nice] and there are very few thrills. Wagner saunters through the movie without raising a sweat. John Saxon and Michael Forest give the best performances as two of the bad guys. The telefilm is packed with special guest stars including Raymond Burr, Leslie Neilsen, Susan St. James, and Doug McClure and James Drury as airline ticket agents. This was the pilot for the series It Takes a Thief.

Verdict: Slick in all the wrong ways. *.

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