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Thursday, February 16, 2012


THE DISEMBODIED (1957). Director: Walter Grauman.

"You bad, bad woman!"

Photographer Tom Maxwell (Paul Burke) comes across Dr. Wetz (John Wengraf) and his evil wife Tonda (Allison Hayes) on a jungle back lot. Tonda is a voodoo queen who's learned the secrets of native witch doctors, and she wants her husband dead -- and just wants Maxwell. Norman (Joel Marston) and Joe (Robert Christopher) are Tom's associates, and Dean Fredericks of The Phantom Planet is the native Suba. Wengraf was also in 12 to the Moon and Christopher was in Creature of the Walking Dead. Allison Hayes probably didn't know that she'd shortly star in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Although The Disembodied has a perfectly workable if minor-league plot, it's much too slow and dull to amount to much. Paul Burke went on to better things on television.

Verdict: Even Allison Hayes devotees may want to miss this. **.

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