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Thursday, February 24, 2011


MR. AND MRS. NORTH 1952 television series.

This comedy-mystery television series ran for two seasons and starred Richard Denning as publisher Gerald North and Barbara Britton as his mystery-sniffing wife, Pamela with Francis De Sales as the cop they called upon for help and vice versa. Guest-stars on the show included Cathy Downs, Edgar Barrier [as a butler lover-boy!], Lee Patrick, Carolyn Jones and Jean Willes. Few of the episodes were especially outstanding but among the more memorable were "Beauty Contest," in which Pamela substitutes for a lookalike contestant who is murdered, and "Unfaithful Wife" [aka "Mask of Hate"], which pits a presumably paralyzed man against his wife and her lover with Pam getting caught in the middle. Denning was center stage in "Target," in which he's mistaken for an Army traitor by the man who wants to kill him, but generally he was along for the ride, and seen to better advantage in his solo turn as Michael Shayne a few years later. Based on the novels by Frances and Richard Lockridge.

Verdict: Pleasant, but over all minor. **.

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