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Thursday, February 3, 2011


KILLER SHREWS (1959). Director: Ray Kellogg.

Captain Thorne Sherwood (James Best) comes to make a pick-up at an isolated island and encounters Professor Craigis (Baruch Lumet) and his daughter Ann (Ingrid Goude), as well as her ex-fiance Jerry (Ken Curtis) and the nerdy Dr. Baines (Gordon McLendon). He soon discovers why everyone seems so fidgety -- the island has been overrun by out-sized shrews who not only have a poisonous bite but are running out of food -- and guess who's next on the menu? Despite its low-budget and some highly inadequate amateur "performances," Killer Shrews is a neat little "B" monster flick, adroitly directed and with some lively tricked up creatures to boot. James Best is fine, and the climax is a nail-biter. NOTE: This played on a double-bill with The Giant Gila Monster, which was also directed by Ray Kellogg.

Verdict: Lots of fifties-type fun! ***

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