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Thursday, February 17, 2011


AMERICA, AMERICA (1963). Director: Elia Kazan.

"One of Elia Kazan's most personal films arrives on DVD Feburary 8th from Warner Home Video. Exploring his family's cultural heritage and honoring the dreams that brought European immigrants pouring into America at the turn of the century, Kazan's America, America is a powerful and turbulent story of struggle through the journey to freedom, filled with passion, drama and personal strife. This is the first time the film will be available as a DVD single,"

*Academy Award: "Best Art Direction [Gene Callahan]."
*Academy Award: "Set decoration, black and white."
Also nominated for Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Writing, Story and Screenplay.

*Golden Globe: "Best Director."
*Golden Globe: "Most Promising Newcomer Male."

Eliza Kazan is recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Oscar. America, America was inspired by the life of his uncle.

NOTE: A review of this film will be posted shortly. The DVD can be bought here.

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