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Thursday, February 10, 2011


THE BLACK COIN (1936). Director: Albert Herman.

Agents Walter Prescott (Ralph Graves) and Dorothy Dale (Ruth Mix) are on the trail of some nefarious folk who are after a series of black coins that are said to carry a curse, and which when put together will lead right to a treasure. While the action in this creaky serial from Stage and Screen Productions -- no Republic Studios were they -- is all over the lot, the music is generally the only exciting thing about it. There's a fairly exciting bit with our hero thrown to the sharks in chapter two, and a rather elaborate ocean liner sinking in chapter four. In chapter eleven the hero stupidly drives right into a train. Despite the occasional glimmer of interest, The Black Coin is mostly flat and dull. Yakima Canutt, who plays a thug, later co-directed Manhunt of Mystery Island.

Verdict: One of the worst serials ever made. *1/2.

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