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Friday, June 27, 2008


THE CRIMSON KIMONO (1959). Written and directed by Samuel Fuller.

When a stripper is shot to death in her dressing room, two police detectives -- one Caucasian, one Japanese-American -- who are partners, friends and war buddies are assigned to the case. The real trouble begins when both of the men fall in love with the same woman, an artist named Christine (Victoria Shaw). The film doesn't shy away from the subject of racism, but once it brings it up it dismisses it without examining its reality. Glenn Corbett isn't bad as Detective Charlie Bancroft but James Shigeta makes more of a dramatic impression as his partner, Joe. Samuel Fuller's script has some interesting elements, but is decidedly half-baked. Shaw gives a nice performance and she and Shigeta have a lovely romantic scene together. Anna Lee adds some spice as an tibbling artist-friend of Charlie's.

Verdict: Good idea, so-so execution. **.

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