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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


THE LIVING HEAD (La Cabeza viviente/1963. Director: Chano Urueta.

A prologue shows us a bloody ceremony of the ancient Aztecs, then we're off to the future where archaeologists led by a professor (German Robles) discover a well-preserved Aztec warrior, as well as a severed head (in a kind of visor) that opens its eyes periodically and seems to be controlling things. Before long people are being murdered and the professor's daughter (Ana Luisa Peluffo), who may be the reincarnation of an Aztec princess, is in the thick of it all. At first it looks as if this silly movie might be some fun, but it isn't long before the tedium sets in and it's clear that this badly-dubbed mess is senseless and has almost zero entertainment value -- although the living head is somewhat humorous. As living head movies go, however -- and there actually have been a few -- this is by no means ahead of the others.

Verdict: Miss it if you can! *.

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