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Friday, June 6, 2008


THE BIG BOODLE (1957). Director: Richard Wilson.

In this hard-boiled story set and filmed in Havana, casino croupier Ned Sherwood (Errol Flynn) discovers a young lady, Fina (Rosanna Rory), who's carrying a bundle of counterfeit cash. Before long he's up to his neck in threatening police officers, surly hoods, gang leaders who employ torture, a search for counterfeit plates, and a couple of dangerous females. Not as much fun as it sounds, The Big Boodle is a pretty standard but somewhat absorbing crime thriller with very few surprises in it. There are good locations, an okay climactic fight, and it's always fun to see the villain fall into the middle of some hungry sharks. Gia Scala plays Anita, one of the gals, and Carlos Rivas of The Beast of Hollow Mountain is a sinister playboy. Flynn, in one of his last roles, gives an acceptable performance but he looks pretty battered. Rory also had a small role in L'eclisse.

Verdict: Not worth missing The Beverly Hillbillies for. **.

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