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Thursday, February 17, 2011



This series about two brothers who are private eyes ran for one season and thirty-nine episodes. Steve Dunne [left] played Mike and Mark Roberts was Bob. Guest-stars on the show included Jackie Coogan, Joan Evans, Ruta Lee, Theodore Marcuse and Gloria Talbott in "Terror in the Afternoon." The girl-chasing brothers [especially Mike] got involved in everything from protection rackets to Chinatown desperadoes to paintings that had maps on the back of them. Arguably the best episode was "Damaged Dolls," a suspenseful story that had entertainers being blackmailed and/or murdered after receiving mutilated dolls in boxes. Perhaps the best thing about the pleasant and mildly entertaining series was the snappy theme music. Dunne and Roberts were excellent in their roles as well.

Verdict: Forgotten P.I.s had some life to them. **1/2.

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