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Thursday, June 26, 2014


LOVE HAS MANY FACES (1965). Director: Alexander Singer.

Wealthy Kit Jordan (Lana Turner) is living in Acapulco and married to ex-beach bum, Pete (Cliff Robertson of Obsession). When an old flame of hers, another beach bum named Billy, washes up dead on the shore, it causes tension in her marriage, a situation that isn't helped by the arrival of Carol (Stefanie Powers of Die, Die My Darling), who once cared for Billy, and who attracts the attentions of Pete. Meanwhile half-naked hustler Hank (Hugh O'Brian) and his buddy, Chuck (Ron Husmann), zero in on two middle-aged tourists, Margot (Ruth Roman) and Irene (Virginia Grey). Although the movie is in general well-acted [by Hollywood standards] -- with an especially noteworthy and reptilian O'Brian -- the actors still aren't brilliant enough to make these stereotypes come to life. Marguerite Roberts' thrice-removed screenplay moves the characters around in allegedly interesting tableaux but nothing of consequence ever happens, and the dialogue is as empty as the people. The sub-plot with O'Brian and the ladies really goes nowhere.

Verdict: Go to the beach instead -- or Acapulco! *1/2.


angelman66 said...

Lana was the queen of artifice, wasn't she? I actually enjoy her mature roles the most because she has to pile on the makeup, lacquer up the wigs and squeeze herself into wasp-waisted costumes and bathing suits...My all-time favorite Turner film is Imitation of Life, followed closely by the camp classic Madame X....but you are right, this one is not very watchable. But Lana's iconic as the cougar lusting after the young studs.

William said...

Ha, Cliff Robertson probably wasn't much younger than Lana at the time, nor Hugh O'Brian.

Lana actually gave a very good performance in "A Life of Her Own."

Lana probably would have hated or did hate being a "cougar" when she was the object of so much lust in her youth.

But that's life!

angelman66 said...

I have A Life of Her Own waiting on my DVR - I recorded it from TCM this week - look forward to it!