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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Chad Allen and Robert Gant of Save Me
In honor of New York's Gay Pride March this Sunday June 29th, 2014, we present our second annual round-up of gay-themed movies (or at least films with gay characters). This year we focus on a drama about the ex-gay industry, Save Me; a political thriller with a gay lead character, The Walker; a Lifetime telefilm about a young woman's coming out, The Truth about Jane; the cable biopic about the flamboyantly stereotypical Liberace, Behind the Candelabra; the first major Hollywood movie on gay relationships, Making Love; the first telefilm to deal with homosexuality, That Certain Summer; and the controversial The Dying Gaul, which has been called a "gay revenge fantasy" -- among other things.

More reviews on their way! [including The Jones Family Go to Provincetown].

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