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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Tom Berenger
SHATTERED (1991). Director: Wolfgang Petersen.

Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) and his wife Judy (Greta Scacchi) are in a terrible car accident that leaves his face, mind and body shattered and her with hardly a scratch. After a year of operations and therapy the two return to their home in San Francisco, where amnesiac Dan learns some disturbing things about himself and about his relationship with Judy. He hires a private eye named Gus (Bob Hoskins) to find out about a man that Judy was apparently having an affair with, and who may be back in her life. Was the accident really an accident, and who was actually driving the car? The more that is unveiled, the more sinister things become ... Shattered is absorbing, well-acted and well-done for the most part, but some viewers may find it ultimately a little too far-fetched. Corbin Bernsen, Joanne Whalley  and Debi A. Monahan offer some flavorful supporting performances.

Verdict: Certainly holds the attention but the pay-off will either startle or annoy. ***.

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