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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Jack (Kenneth Howell) races to town to save the day

BIG BUSINESS (1937). Director: Frank R. Strayer. 

In this very entertaining installment of the Jones Family series, oldest daughter Bonnie (Shirley Deane) is a little disgusted with her fiance, Herbert (Russell Gleason), because he's dragging his feet regarding marriage until he thinks he's saved up enough money. Bonnie thinks she's come up with the answer when former football hero Ted Hewett (Allan Lane of King of the Mounties) shows up in town selling stock in the Eureka oil well. Hewett importunes Father Jones (Jed Prouty) and many other townspeople to buy stock  -- Herbert drags his feet on this as well --  and gets Jones to invest money he really can't afford in a new oil well. But will the Eureka well gush oil or just mud and water? In the meantime oldest son Jack (Kenneth Howell) has invented a super-charger that will make cars go super-fast. As usual, Granny Jones (Florence Roberts) has a lot to say, and at one point even manages so steal a kiss from young Herbert. Well-acted by all, Big Business has some genuine suspense and zips along under Strayer's brisk direction. Strayer also directed Manhattan Tower and Lane starred in King of the Mounties

Verdict: Fun and charming. ***.

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