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Friday, April 1, 2011


PHYLLIS VS GODZILLA (1967). Director: Ishiro Honda-Edsel.

Comedienne Phyllis Diller made a deal with Toho studios to star in several comedic monster movies featuring Godzilla and other Japanese monsters but Phylis Vs. Godzilla is the only one that ever materialized. The Japanese title is Opoopi nagada Phyllis borama Gojira. Diller plays herself, on a tour of Japan where she is bombing out every night due to the language barrier. She hires an interpreter (Jack Soo) to join her on stage but discovers that her very American humor doesn't translate very effectively. Soo and she are barraged with bananas! Godzilla then attacks Tokyo but actually comes to Diller's assistance, because the big flame-breathing lizard finds her jokes and appearance so hilarious that he stops burning up and stomping on the city and becomes mesmerized by the tiny performer. The army comes in and captures Godzilla, who escapes and carries off Diller, who has fallen in love with the monster and vice versa.

Verdict: You've never seen anything like it! *.

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