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Friday, April 1, 2011


LOVE MAKES YOU CRAZY (1952). Director: Hector Linyard.

In this unreleased comedy Bob Cummings plays a nuclear physicist who can turn animals into people -- and vice versa -- with one touch of his hand after being irradiated during an accident. Julie Newmar -- who later co-stared with Cummings on the TV show My Living Doll -- is a she-tiger who is transformed into a beautiful woman. Paul Lynde is a transformed lynx, Oscar Levant is an alligator, and Gypsy Rose Lee becomes a lady octopus. Later Cummings can transform vegetables into people (and vice versa) as well and turns guest star John Wayne into a turnip. Zazu Pitts plays an artichoke whom Cummings transforms into a human. While the premise is certainly intriguing, Love Makes You Crazy hasn't got a single laugh.

Verdict: Don't touch that turnip! *1/2.

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